About Us

We are a commercial real estate financial consultant that places bridge loans and commercial real estate loans that traditional Financial Institutions cannot fund. With our financing solutions, we make sure to help our customers get deals done.

We take a transparent approach in underwriting which allows us to provide financing when most Institutional and Private lenders cannot. Rather than waste our clients’ time with a lot of requirements and red tape, we concentrate on a few key analytics that we believe are essential to a real estate project’s success.

For deals that stand up to our standards, we process with haste —we are able to close in as little as 14 days and for more complicated transactions, within 45 days once we have successfully received all documentation. This allows our customers to take advantage of opportunities they might not otherwise be able to.

At Acumen Group, with our commercial lending experience along with our professional services, it has enabled us to improve the commercial bridge lending process, making it simpler and quicker for us to close a loan.

We can virtually finance any commercial project located in the United States of America and Canada. We handle refinancing, new purchases, debt restructuring, rehabilitation, and ground up construction. Acumen Group’s focus on certain niche markets allows us to fund commercial loans that traditional banks or other lending institutions, may not be able to fund.

We know your time is valuable so we have structured our commercial bridge lending process to avoid complicated documentation requirements and red tape, but instead we have a short list of requirements that will prevent any setbacks in closing your loan application.

We are looking to build strong, long-term relationship with companies and individuals that share our level of professionalism and reliability. We share your core business values of hard and diligent work as well as your sense of urgency in order to meet all your needs.

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