Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- What can I earn from referral business?
Typically, Referral Partners (a/k/a Business Partners) earn 50% of the
commission, based on:
• The strength of the deal,
• The efforts made by the Business Partner to gather the required information and move the deal forward to close, and the LTV needed, etc.

Question 2- What are the types of eligible properties?
Commercial Real Estate (almost all commercial real estate asset classes)
Excluded: Vacant land, rural areas, mobile home parks, single family
developments, mines, channels, parking lots
LOCATED in United States (except CA/HI) and Canada
COLLATERAL REQUIRED can be Commercial Real Estate / Full Recourse
Collateral Only Debt Lender. Client must have 25% to 35% "skin in the game."
LOAN TYPES include: Purchase, Refinance, Rehab, Debt Restructuring and Ground up Construction
Excluded: Business Equity, Joint Venture, Equipment Loans

Question 3- What types of fees are associated with doing business with Acumen Group?
Upfront Fees: None
At LOI, there will be a fee for the on-site inspection. At the time of Commitment, there is a requirement for client to pay legal fees
There may be adjustments to these fees made on a case-by-case basis
Prepayment Penalty: None

Question 4- What types of rates are charged?
The interest varies between 7% – 12%
TERMS: 1 – 3 Years (Interest Only)
Rates are based on the strength of the deal
Interest Only Loans

Question 5- What is a typical LTV?
Typical LTV is up to 75%
The LTV might be higher if the deal is very solid
The equity "skin in the game" can be made up of cash (unaudited), project equity, cross-collateralization of other owned commercial real estate projects and/or seller taking back a 2nd lien.
Project must be income producing
Principals must have 30% – 35% "skin in the game" for all ground up construction projects

Question 6- Are there any pre-payment penalties?