Acumen Group provides refinancing services for short-term financial loans (1- 3 years, interest only):

-Facilities: Senior, Elderly Care, Nursing Homes,
-Subdivision servicing
-Buildings: Industrial, Offices, Warehouses, and Office Parks
-Hotels, Resort properties, Condominiums, Apartment, and Motels
-Residential complexes
-Shopping malls, Retails strips, and Cinemas
-Automobile dealerships
-Private schools

A company or entrepreneur can refinance their commercial properties in many different ways to increase their financial outlook. Here are some reasons:

Cash-Out Refinance
If an entrepreneur has accumulated a lot of equity in the commercial property, it is sometimes financially prudent to leverage that equity and take out a portion of the cash that can be used for other purposes. This is an effective way to finance property maintenance or raise funds for working capital needs.

Avoid an Increasing Payment
Most commercial loans come with a connected "balloon payment" – when almost all of the loan balance is due at the end of the loan. For many businesses, making that payment can be challenging, so refinancing using a Bridge Loan can save businesses from that financial obligation.

Case Studies

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Acumen Group was able to secure a Bridge Loan for the church which enabled it to acquire the new property it was pursuing. ...

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Commercial Office

Acumen Group was introduced to a Commercial Office owner in Flint Michigan that was attempting to refinance it's properties in order to fund long-standing refurbishments of some of the properties and to finance the purchase...

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Crates Landing

CL is a unique master planned waterfront community located at the mouth of the Maskinonge River across from Crates Marina, the largest marina (over 600 boat slips) on Lake Simcoe in Keswick Village, Georgina....

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